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About the Fine Arts Magnet

The possibilities are endless!  The Fine Arts Magnet School provides students in grades 1-5 with enriched instruction in choral music, exploratory instrumental music, drama, visual arts, and dance. Young artists work together to prepare performances and create exhibitions that display their appreciation of the arts while advancing critical thinking, problem solving, and enhanced self-esteem.  Excellence in the arts is both a natural extension of the academic program and an integral part of the CORE curriculum.

Curriculum Connections

The Fine arts Magnet integrates the fine arts into CORE academic areas (e.g. History: a study of the music and art of a particular time period as a reflection of the culture and society of that era.)  The interdisciplinary focus of this arts/academics program provides students with traditional CORE instructional hours and prepares for Standards of Learning tests.  Reading and technology skills are also enhanced by the arts and continue to develop through interdisciplinary strategies.

Applying for the Magnet

  • Applications are available in each elementary school and at the School Board Office located at 302 Dare Road.
  • A separate application must be submitted for each child (grades 1-5) wishing to attend the Magnet.
  • Dates and times for submission of completed applications for the next school year may be obtained from the Waller Mill principal.
  • Applications will be grouped by grade level for random, lottery-style selection.

Who's Eligible

  • Current Waller Mill Elementary students will attend the Magnet unless "opted out" by their parents/guardians.
  • Remaining Magnet slots are available by application to students at other YCSD elementary schools.
  • Students who are York County residents but are currently enrolled in private schools may apply for the Magnet.
  • Students who are non- residents of York County are eligible to apply for the Magnet on a tuition basis.


  • Original script writing
  • Student-generated full length musicals
  • Video productions
  • Improvisational story development
  • Character development
  • Integration of the fine and performing arts into the CORE curriculum
  • Classroom enrichment


  • Composition
  • Rhythm and pitch
  • Technique
  • Wind and percussion instruments
  • Strings and Recorder
  • SOL song writing


  • Song composition
  • Create artwork in response to music
  • Festival Chorus
  • Music theory
  • Classroom connections with CORE curriculum

Visual Arts

  • Pottery wheel (5th grade)
  • Art shows and competitions
  • Integrations
  • Sculpture
  • Technology
  • Crafts within the CORE curriculum
  • Artist studies
  • Creative expressions
  • Media techniques and processes
  • Classroom collaboration


  • Development of Movement
  • Self confidence
  • Multicultural exploration
  • Energy and motion
  • Dance technique
  • Cultural, history and interdisciplinary connections

Enriching Experiences

  • Performances
  • Traveling Troupes
  • Exhibitions
  • Career Connections
  • Live Performance field trips
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Visiting Artists
  • Interdisciplinary classes
  • Brown Derby Dining
  • Artists in Residence
  • Linking Fine Arts ( artists, singers, composers, performers, illustrators) to the CORE curriculum
  • Production and marketing of video show